The Fila Brasileiro Club CZ By-laws

I. Name of the club:

II. Residence of the Club:
Rakovník, Czech Republic.

III. Objectives:
The club is a public hobbitry politically independent organization, which joins the owners and breeders of the Fila Brasileiro dogs. The club adheres to the FCI and CMKU rules.

IV. Origination, Aim and Abolition of the Club

The origination
The Club has originated by the registration through the authorities of the Home Office, based on current laws. The Club is the juridical person, and can assume rights according to its mission and budget, corresponding to common by-laws. The field of action is the Czech Republic.

The Aim of the Club:

a) the improvemnt of the Fila Brasileiro breed in terms of the FCI standard of the breed, concernig the exterior as well as the character
b) the promotion of the Club‘s breeding and the improvement of the member‘s expertise
c) the filing of the breeding stock
d) the monitoring of the offspring in the Club
e) the organization of the Club Shows according to FCI and CMKU by-laws
f) the organization of other events for it‘s members

The Abolition of the Club
1) by the resolution of the general meeting, providing the 2/3 of all club members are in favor of this decision
2) by the change of organizational form
3) by the final statement of the ministry on abolition of the Club.

V. Membership, it‘s Origin and Abolition, the Member‘s Rights and Duties
The origin
The membership in the club is voluntary. The member must be 18 or over, must be an owner of the Fila Brasileiro speciment with the FCI pedigree, or assumes that he/she will own such a dog in the coming 3 years. The member must agree with the Club‘s by-laws and follow-up regulations and has paid the membership fee on time and in full amount. The Family membership is an option to the regular membersip. Every regular member can enlist one Family member, a person belonging to his/her family, living at the same place (a spouse, child over 18, parent...). The Family member does have a vote, but can not have its own issue of the Club magazine. His/her membership fee is one half of the regular member‘s one.
The membership origins when the received entry form is endorsed by the Board of the Club. The membership need not to be approved by the Board of the Club; in this case, the applicant is sent with the negative response in writings. The membersip can be refused to the persons who are dog-dealers or their family. The membership starts by the date of the membership fee payment. If the membership has been refused, the paid fee is returned to the applicant.

The Member‘s Rights
a) to take part at the Club Meeting
b) to take part at the events organized by the Club
c) to vote and to be elected to the Club’s authorities
d) to actively parcipate in the Club‘s work, by its comments, suggestions or experience
e) to share the advantages of the membersip
f) to appeal against decisions of the Board to the Club Meeting
g) to argue for complaints, suggestions and subject matters to involved bodies of the Club

The Member‘s Duties:

a) to conform the FCI and CMKU rules of FCI, the Club‘s by-laws and to act within their meaning
b) to pay the membersip fee on the appropriate time and in full amount
c) to support the objectives of the Club and actively participate on it
d) to adhere to the common environmental bylaws
e) to inform the Club about the changes in its membership (the change of the address, end of the membership, etc...) by the registered letter.

The End of the Membership:

a) by the decease of the member
b) by not – paying the membership fee on time and in full amount
c) by the announcement of the abolition, sent as the registered letter to the board of the Club
d) by disciplinary proceedings, based on serious reasons
e) it can be ended, when a fact which would cause refusal of the membersip comes out.
f) or when the member fails to own or co-own the Fila Brasileiro with FCI pedigree within the 3 years after entering the Club.
g) by the serious and approved breaking the FCI or CMKU or Fila Brasileiro Club CZ by-laws, or by default of other duties pertaining to breedings, which might discredit the Club.

The member who ended his/her membership on its own request or due to unpaid membership fee, can be readmitted to the Club until after 2 years since the end of the membership.

VI. The Bodies of the Club
The bodies of the Club are:
The General Meeting
The Board of the Club

The General Meeting – is the highest body of the Club. It meets one per year and is being announced in advance. The General Meeting decides on fundamental matters of management and economy of the Club. Its decisions are valid when there is at least one half of the domicile members present.

The following is feasible at the Meeting:
a) the votes for the Board of the Club
b) the withdrawn of the Board of the Club member(s)
c) the Club‘s economy accounting
d) assining the mission of the Club
e) discussion on changes or amenedment of Breeeding by-laws
g) discussion on activites of the Board
h) during the discipinary proceedings, it decides about the appeal to the General Meeting
i) the validation of the amount of membership fee and other payments for acts and services provided by the Club
The decision is valid, when approved by at least 2/3 of the present Club members.
The Board of the Club is the corporate representative of the Club. It is the highest steering authority during the time between General Meetings. It is responsible for its actions to the General Meeting and it reports to the General Meeting about it. The Board consist of the Chairman, the Breed Technician and the Treasurer. The chairman, breed technocoan or other dedicated Club member can act on behalf of the Club. The Board meets as needed. Urgent issues of the Club members can be consulted by the phone.

The Board of the Club does the following.
1) calls the General Meeting to order and prepares its programme.
2) fulfills the resolution of the General Meetings
3) keeps a record of the members
4) expresses the opinion about the candidates for judging, even from the different clubs
5) delegates judges for shows
6) organizes the Club Shows, Confirmations or other events, with the help of other members
7) vindicates for print and distribution of the Club Magazine
8) runs the checks of litter
9) acts as the disciplinary authority
The decision of the Board is Valid, when there is more than one half of the Board members present. In case of equal votes, the vote of the chairman is dominant.

VII. The Economy
The Club manages his own property, entrusted permanently or temporary. The financial resources of the Club are:
a) the membersip fee
b) the fees for and other payments for acts and services provided by the Club
c) donations or other possible sourcesThe Club administers its property according to the sound law. The Club‘s economy is guided by the budget, approved by the General Meeting. The Club answers for its liabilities up to the amount of its own property. The Club is no way responsible for the liabilities of its members.
At the abolition of the Club, the the property of the arbitrated by the General Meeting.
VIII. The Resolution of Disputes
The disputes are resoluted by the Board of the Club first. Both parties can appeal against the resolution to the General Meeting. It is possible to appeal to CMKU against the resolution of the General Meeting.

IX. The Validity of the Club‘s By-laws
The by-laws and all its changes are valid by the date of registration of the Club by Home Office.

The Club has been registered on 21.10. 1992 by the Home Office and on 7.11. 1992 it was accepted between clubs of CMMJ – today‘s CMKJ, the member of CMKU-FCI.
The latest changes of the Club‘s by-laws has been approved by the General Meeting on 14.10.2006.